Image laying out the steps for how to happen to life. The first step is "Think it." The second step is "Speak it." The third step is "Do it."

Think… Speak… Do!

Most times, being analytical is a good thing. However, in the case of achieving goals, you have to know when to pump the brakes. Three simple rules to #Happen2Life are: 1) Think It, 2) Speak it, and Do it! All the stuff in between just holds up progress.

image of a roadblock inteh middle of the street. Includes #Happen2Life

Get out of your own way!

In your own way is the worst place to stand. Take a moment to analyze why you haven’t reached your full potential or a particular goal. If the road block happens to be the person in the mirror, do not give yourself permission to take any detours. #‎ThinkSpeakDo‬ ‪#‎Happen2Life‬

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