image of a sun woth rainclouds and a rainbow. Includes #Happen2Life

Life is what you make of it…

My cousin handed me a sheet of paper with a circle on it and asked me to make something out of it. I drew rays from the circle to form a sun. She took the sheet and drew clouds and handed the sheet back to me. I drew droplets from the clouds and handed it back to her. She drew a rainbow. My grandmother looked down at the art and commented, “Good job… You were one line away from a thunderstorm!”

Such is life. We are presented with a variety of situations on a daily basis. How you choose to react to these is what determines whether you have a good day or a bad one. Every days the sun comes out is another opportunity you have to change the world. Do you drown in the puddles or keep your head up and splash in them? Life is what you make it, I hope you choose to #Happen2Life

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